Hire charges and subscriptions

Yes, you must have a credit or debit card to register and hire a bike with Santander Cycles MK.

The annual subscription is designed for frequent use. For £60 annually, the first 30 minutes of every ride is free, then it’s 50p for every additional 30 minutes. There is no limit to the number of hires you can make with your subscription – so you can make as many journeys as you wish.

The maximum amount you’ll pay with a subscription in 24 hours is £5.00.

You can add another subscription easily at any time in your online account under 'Manage tickets and subscriptions'.  New subscriptions will start on the day the subscription is purchased and the 12 months you have purchased is not added to any time remaining on your existing subscription.

We will send you an email reminder before your subscription expires.

Yes. The pay as you ride fare is designed for casual use. Each rental costs £1.00 per 30 minutes up to a maximum of £10 in any 24 hour period.

Before you can hire a bike you will need to register to use the scheme and nextbike will create an account for you. A debit or credit card needs to be added to your account at registration so that any fares can be charged to the card.

When you register £1 will be debited from your card to check that it is valid. This will then be added to your account and will be used to pay for the first £1 of fares or a subscription fee that you incur. Once the £1 has been spent, future fares will be charged to your card as normal.

No. Your credit will stay on your account unless you use it towards fares or a subscription fee, or cancel your customer account.

If you’d like to cancel your subscription and have any remaining credit on your account refunded, please contact customerservice@nextbike.co.uk or call 020 8166 9851.

You must link a valid payment card to your account. This will be used to charge for hire fees if you exceed the free period.

nextbike may make additional charges in the following circumstances:

  • Lost or damaged lock: £25
  • Collection fee if a bike is not left at, or next to, a Santander Cycles MK docking station:  £10 collection fee plus £1 per mile travel costs, dependent upon the location
  • Damaged bike: £75

Please check the terms and conditions for more details.

Getting started and hiring a bike

Santander Cycles MK is a public bike share scheme. The bikes make it easy and fun to get around Milton Keynes, with no worries about traffic or parking.

The scheme will be operated by nextbike who have experience of managing bike share schemes in over 80 cities worldwide.

You can hire a bike from any Santander Cycles MK docking station and return it to any of the official docking stations across Milton Keynes.

Of course. You can hire up to four bikes simultaneously so you can enjoy a trip with family and friends.

No, the subscription tariff only applies to one rental at any time. Other simultaneous rentals using your account will be charged at the pay as you ride fare.

Yes, just make sure you return the bike to an official Santander Cycles MK docking station when you're finished.

Use the Santander Cycles MK app

Here's how you can hire a bike:

  1. Enter the bike number into the app and you’ll receive a 4-digit code;
  2. Enter the code into the bike computer, press ok and the bike will unlock; and
  3. Secure the cable lock in the holder on the basket and off you go!

On the bike

  1. Enter your registered mobile number and 6-digit PIN into the bike’s computer; or
  2. If you’ve chosen to have a customer card, tap it on the bike’s computer and enter your 6-digit PIN.

By phone

  1. Call 020 8166 9851;
  2. Follow the instructions to receive your 4-digit code; and
  3. Enter the code into the bike’s computer.

For more information, visit How it works

No, if you don’t have a smartphone, you can register by calling the nextbike team 24/7 on 020 8166 9851. Once you’ve registered and you are ready to hire a bike, call 020 8166 9851 for the 4-digit code. Enter it into the bike’s computer to unlock and hire.

When you register you can choose whether to receive a customer card for £2. You can use the customer card to hire a bike by holding it next to the bike’s computer and then entering your 6-digit PIN into the bike’s computer.

If you do have a smartphone, you’ll be able to register and use the bikes with the Santander Cycles MK iOS or Android app!

There are three ways to register:

You can visit here to find your nearest Santander Cycles MK docking station and see how many bikes are available. The docking stations are located throughout Milton Keynes and there are maps are on display at each docking station.

The Santander Cycles MK app also shows the locations of all the docking stations and availability. Download free from Google Play or App Store (iOS).

Santander Cycles MK is designed for short-term hire, but you can keep the bike as long as you need it. Just remember, your account will continue to be charged until you return it to an official Santander Cycles MK docking station.

The maximum charge is £10 in any 24-hour period (£5 if you’re a subscriber).

Mobile app

The mobile app is available to download free from Google Play, or the App Store (iOS). Simply search for Santander Cycles MK.

You can try logging out or restarting the Santander Cycles MK app. Make sure you’ve turned on your GPS in your phone's settings and log back into the app.

Customer cards

No. If you don’t have a customer card you can still hire a bike using the app, bike computer or by calling the nextbike team 24/7 on 020 8166 9851.

If you didn't order a customer card when you registered, you can order one online from your customer account or call the nextbike team 24/7 on 020 8166 9851. Customer cards cost £2.00.

If you don't have a customer card you can still rent easily using the app, the bike’s computer or by calling the nextbike team 24/7 on 020 8166 9851.

Faults and problems

Please check the bike before hiring to make sure there’s nothing obviously wrong.

If you do find a fault after renting a bike, you can return to the same station within three minutes without being charged.

If you experience a fault after this time, please call the customer service team on 020 8166 9851 for assistance. The operator may ask you to return to the nearest station or lock the bike securely nearby.

You can also report faults in the Santander Cycles MK app. The mobile app is free to download on Google Play or App Store (iOS).

Just give the nextbike team a call on 020 8166 9851. They’re available 24/7.

You can also email customerservice@nextbike.co.uk.

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